Our Data

Today it is networks and not hierarchies that are driving global transformations. Influence rather than power is critical to achieving an impact.

Handshake is dedicated to pushing beyond the conventional wisdom, assessing unconventional value, and creating products that work in innovative ways. This is why our team has dedicated itself to creating a suite of data-driven products that allow our clients to measure and identify strategic opportunities to grow their influence. 

The Navigator

Today, the value of an organization is measured not just by markets, but by stakeholders and communities. In order to adapt and thrive at a time of economic disruption, leaders must understand the conversations shaping their markets and reputations. 

The Navigator maps the network of actors animating a given conversation, distilling complex global issues into the topics, organizations, and individuals that drive their evolution. By understanding this landscape, our users grow their influence and impact on issues critical to their business and society as a whole.

The Navigator dashboard

The Influence Index

Handshake has created a proprietary index that measures companies’ influence based on three factors of influence – financial, cultural, and social capital. 

​The index has proven the link between a company’s investments in cultural and social capital with its bottom line, providing a powerful tool for leaders to build their influence to create long-term value and make the world better.

The Influence Index dashboard

Partnership Influence Reports

Measuring the strategic value and cumulative impact of a partnership is notoriously hard to achieve. If a partnership is to achieve the influence needed to have a lasting impact, its work must be based on metrics to measure progress. At Handshake, we believe you must identify, gauge and establish a framework for effective partnerships. With this in mind, we built a rigorous tool that allows our clients to gauge a potential partner’s alignment and perceived effectiveness before moving forward with an engagement. ​This gives our clients the power to carefully assess potential partners and ultimately build relationships with those who have the greatest ability to make an impact.

Handshake also crafts ROI Reports, which are conducted through a workshop that helps determine the measures and indicators that will define a given engagement as successful. These indicators are built cross six different metrics, developed by our team, shown to convert individuals as mere members of your target audience to true advocates for your work. We then work with our clients to track these indicators throughout the course of the engagement to provide our clients with reports that they can use to see tangible results from their efforts.