Today an organization is measured
not merely by market size,
but by influence.

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Our World View

At Handshake, we believe that lasting influence is directly linked to a clear problem to solve for your brand, a pathway forward for your core business, and the impact of your organization on society.

How We Do It

Handshake crafts impactful strategies and platforms that deliver meaningful campaigns across mission-driven networks


We use proprietary influence mapping and decades of experience to build your influence strategy.


We design and execute creative campaigns that build influence both online and offline, and track performance through proprietary influence analysis.


We build the space and networks that will grow your influence and business value: from executive positioning and thought leadership, to strategic alliances and digital audiences.

Our Services

We can help you build influence by solving a problem for your brand, finding a pathway forward for your business, and having a positive impact on society.

Strategic Development

We build your influence strategy around your business values and goals, based on proprietary data and decades of experience.

Network Mapping

We rank and analyze your existing influence network and performance alongside the competition, seeking the best opportunities for growth.

Executive Positioning

We create the right opportunities for executives to position themselves for maximum influence and business value.

Partnership Creation & Management

We identify new partnerships and optimize existing ones to leverage influence and deliver third-party validation.

Creative Campaigns

We craft and deliver the messaging, creative and content that builds influence across traditional media, online media and offline experiences.

Digital Audiences

We build digital platforms and audiences can grow and extend the influence that will drive business value.

Events and Activations

We deliver world-class experiences from private dinners to large-scale trade shows, tailored to deliver on your influence strategy.

Performance Analysis

We use our proprietary data and analytical tools to track how your influence strategy is performing over time, as well as your ranking against the competition.

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