High-Tech Tackling The Climate Crisis

Intel, the global computing giant, just released its 2030 Strategy and Goals, outlining its next decade of shared corporate responsibility, and building on Intel’s ongoing commitments.  

Intel is undertaking three specific global challenges to: 

  • Revolutionize health and safety with technology
  • Make technology fully inclusive and expand digital readiness
  • Achieve carbon-neutral computing to address climate change.  

Technology plays an essential role in tackling the climate crisis and as part of Intel’s effort to accomplish and achieve carbon neutral computing, Intel will work with industry leaders and policy makers to develop the “most energy efficient PC in the world, one that eliminates carbon, water and waste in its design and use” by 2030. This means, enabling sensor technology to reduce power usage, partnering with material vendors on recyclable packaging, and developing longer-term and energy efficient architectures.  

Additionally, by 2030, Intel will develop new safety technologies and standards, achieve net water positive, reach 100% green power and zero waste to landfills across manufacturing operations, and double the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles.  

Chief executive Bob Swan believes, “The world is facing challenges that we understand better each day as we collect and analyze more data, they go unchecked without a collective response” 

In the rush to adapt to the new normal, it is essential that we work together and not lose sight of our long-term sustainability and social responsibility commitments. Intel’s bold ambitions during this time highlight its leadership and commitment.