A Smarter And Greener Way To Fight The Pandemic

Nate Kolbeck, Co-Founder of 3D Brooklyn, discussed what it means to be an Impact Executive, leveraging new technologies to advance the sustainability agenda and filling an urgent need during a time of crisis. 

Nate believes that the intersection of sustainability, technology, and digital manufacturing provides us with an opportunity to solve the world’s greatest problems. 3D Brooklyn is committed to sharing knowledge and access to technologies so others can make smarter and greener products, while bringing local value to working people in Brooklyn.

At the start of this pandemic, 3D Brooklyn stopped normal day-to-day work to help produce personal protective equipment to deliver to frontline healthcare workers.

3D Brooklyn has now produced almost 12,000 face shields for frontline healthcare workers and has supplied to over 150 different hospitals.

As Nate helps lead his team through this uncertain time, he finds his courage in what he can control. He says, “Being focused on what you can do and what you can control makes courage an easier thing to achieve.”

As PPE becomes more accessible, Nate looks forward to the team’s next opportunity to deliver sustainable business solutions.  

Check out 3D Brooklyn and https://covidsupplies.nyc