The Music Industry: Standing Up For Racial Inequality

All industries are facing intense pressure to address racial inequality and the music industry is no exception.

In addition to a $1M donation to Color of Change, The Recording Academy is also partnering with the civil rights nonprofit to roll out a series of initiatives.

The Grammys’ parent organization will work with Color of Change on diversity-based initiatives to create a Black music advisory group. The advisory group will work to attract Black voters to the Academy, as well as develop a diversity summit for the industry to represent a more diverse pool of talent.

In the past there has been criticism of those casting votes for the Grammys, with accusations that The Academy is biased, particularly when it comes to Black artists and employees.

Color of Change and The Academy will also work together to create The Academy’s inclusion rider. The inclusion rider will set diversity goals and present the organization with an implementation plan. The Recording Academy aims for the rider to be completed by the end of 2020.

Diversity chief officer, Valeisha Butterfield Jones stated: “It’s a lot of excitement, but we have a clear understanding that the community is asking us for action.”

Jones, as well as the Academy’s CEO, Harvey Mason Jr., are both thinking critically “about how this organization that’s 63 years old can be more diverse and inclusive.”