A Reminder of Global Cooperation: The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, in 2021

In March 2020, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that the 2020 Summer Games would be rescheduled for 2021 in the same location and with the same name, “The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020”. The name, while a little confusing, offers a sense of relief for marketers, retailers, and the designers of the Tokyo 2020 logo. 

Sebastian Coe, the World Athletics president, believes the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have a “cast-iron will” to stage next year’s event. In fact, on July 17, the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee announced that all the venues intended for the Games in 2020 are confirmed for next year.  

With only six months to go until the opening ceremony on July 23, 2021, a majority of the public opposes the 2021 Olympics in Japan. The IOC and the Japanese government are set on hosting the games, despite all the uncertainties generated by the pandemic.  

But Kenji Fuma, chief executive of Tokyo-based ESG advisory company Neural, believes the games can act as a reminder of global collaboration. “I hope that [the] Tokyo Olympics in 2021 will be remembered as a turning point that fortifies bonds among countries and creates a mood to fight for the sustainable society together”, said Mr Fuma. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that no institution or individual alone can address the economic, environmental, social, and technological challenges of our complex world. The Tokyo Olympics could prove to be the perfect platform to elevate our interdependence and remind the world of the power of unity. As we look to build back better in the wake of the pandemic, there could be no better time to rebuild trust and reassess priorities together.