How Can Women In Existing Leadership Roles Pave The Way For The Next Generation Of Female Executives?

 “Women coming into leadership roles is still an exception rather than the norm and there is a true issue associated with gender stereotypes and the image of leadership roles – this is where we need to start.” 

 Dina DiLorenzo, Chief Operating Officer & Senior Managing Director of Guggenheim Investments and mentor to many young female professionals, discussed the challenges many women face on the pathway to leadership as part of what it means to be an Impact Executive. 

DiLorenzo has an accomplished record in the private sector; however, her work and dedication doesn’t stop there. Committed to paying it forward, DiLorenzo emphasizes how it is imperative for companies to address the gender pay gap by taking action and shifting the conversation away from the “glass ceiling” to talking about the “labyrinth” for women in leadership roles. 

As DiLorenzo describes it, the “labyrinth” conveys the complexity and variety of challenges that can appear along the way to leadership. However, the best way to combat this “labyrinth” that women face on their rise to professional success is to engage in mentorship relationships with a diverse group of sponsors. She also advocates for the effective process of working with those who have found their way through the “labyrinth” before and their ability to pass along advice and wisdom for those that follow. 

Embodying her own beliefs on the advancement of women, Dilorenzo prioritizes the mentorship program at Guggenheim Investments and provides invaluable and sound guidance to younger professionals. She partners with others at the firm to ensure that junior members are granted access to senior level resources as they grow and develop professionally. Executives like Dina DiLorenzo are paving the way for diverse young women to pursue leadership positions and are moving the needle on creating a more equitable working world from the entry level all the way to the C-suite. 

You can watch the full discussion here.