Public Private Partnership Highlight: Samsung and UNDP

Samsung and the United Nations Development Programme have teamed up to generate change and movement towards the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Their effort highlights the power of partnerships in helping deliver on the SDGs and the unique role the private sector can play in leveraging its network and reach to make a difference.  

The Initiative: 

Samsung has created a Global Goals app interface providing Galaxy phone users with a meaningful and interactive way to learn about the 17 Global Goals. Beyond acting as a tool for education, the app also features easy and user-friendly ways to take action and become a part of the solution. The Samsung Global Goals app is currently on 80M+ galaxy smartphones worldwide and has raised more than $1M in donations for the UNDP over the last 2 years. This partnership attests to the power of private sector methodologies for innovation and the power of bringing knowledge from their private domains to help further the public sector’s missions.  

Beyond the app, Samsung and the UNDP have also joined forces on a new initiative called Generation 17. This venture works to magnify the voices, stories, and ingenuity of young leaders helping to achieve the Global Goals. Samsung and UNDP are providing mentorship, technology and networking opportunities for the young leaders to help them advance their work. By providing financial assistance and thought leadership support, the mentorship program will advance initiatives to help local communities, climate change and more.  

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, progress on the SDGs has been largely derailed in many categories. However, the unprecedented innovation and collaboration between the public and private sector provide a roadmap for continued advancement towards the 2030 agenda and beyond. 

Read more about the Samsung UNDP partnership here.  

Image source: United Nations Development Programme’s galleries