Pivoting Passion to Impact-Driven Work

“The lesson is about opening yourself up to the possibilities. Because for me when I did that, and I put myself in a situation where I could be connected with a lot of different people, ideas, voices, it led me to find my own path.” 

Tara Abrahams, Managing Director of Arabella Advisors, and a champion for gender equality, discussed the possibilities that open up when girls have access to education, while also reflecting back on her career as an Impact Executive. 

Abrahams path to impact wasn’t linear, but she found her spark when it came to advancing education for women and girls. Powered by the strong belief that when you educate girls, you open up a realm of possibilities, she worked with Girl Rising to build awareness and create meaningful action. 

Embodying this strong belief in making the world better for girls, as an Impact Executive dedicated to promoting gender equality, Abrahams now helps the private sector advocate for women’s and girls’ causes.

At Arabella Advisors, she helps companies invest in women in tangible ways that allow them to have an impact. There is power and potential in enabling women to step up by creating a shift in the culture. The private sector holds a large responsibility in facilitating that change. 

Abraham’s life mission of gender equality through education has a personal touch. She recounts that oftentimes the girls she helps are not much different than her, highlighting the impact that education can have in changing someone’s life. As she continues to make a difference in social impact, Abrahams encourages us all to find our purpose. 

You can watch the full discussion here.