Listen Up! Podcasts that Inspire AND Inform You

Many of us rely on podcasts to learn about new topics, stay informed, and get inspired. For those who consider themselves social impact enthusiasts or just curious learners, podcasts have become a platform that offer the latest updates and insights on socially good initiatives from companies and business leaders. As social impact continues to build momentum across all sectors, there has been an uptick in subject matter experts and how companies can communicate their purpose and values.   

Interested in learning more? Here are some podcasts our team at Handshake tunes in to:  

Dollars and Change Podcast 

Wharton Social Impact Initiative talks with leading industry experts who are changing the world through social enterprise, impact investing, social impact research, and corporate social responsibility programs.  

Disruptors for GOOD | Social Entrepreneurs 

Grant Trahant, founder of Causeartist, conducts one-on-one interviews with some of the most creative and impactful startups and brands around the world. Distributors for GOOD further explores those social entrepreneurs who have dedicated their lives to ethical fashion, impact investing, sustainable travel, and other businesses that impact the world in a positive way.  

Evolve – Social Impact Startup Stories 

Brandon Stover speaks with extraordinary social impact founders, visionary leaders, and social enterprise experts to unpack their stories and mindsets as they share how they built their startups. With the focus on evolving the world through individual evolution, Evolve asks these leaders thought provoking questions that unveil the tactics, tools, and wisdom to educate, inspire, and empower success in changing the world.  

Conscious Chatter 

Conscious Chatter opens the door to conversations about clothing and the means and potential impact connected with what we wear. Host Kristen Jenkins reimagines the narrative of resourcefulness. Conscious Chatter questions conscious consumerism and deconstructs how oppressive systems and corporations impact the sustainable fashion space.  

Be Your Change Podcast 

A podcast by women, for everyone. Be Your Change amplifies the voices of women change makers who are striving to build a more equitable, sustainable and inclusive world. Host Juliett Roy takes listeners through a global journey to help better understand the solutions women are creating to impact the world, while also diving in on gender equality in the media and how to show support for female social entrepreneurs.