Standing in Solidarity – Reflections from Rome

“Go Do It”.

This was the charge issued by Pope Francis to the Global Solidarity Fund last month in Rome.

Alongside the G20 Summit, Handshake was proud to stand with the Global Solidarity Fund in a series of activities to advance its work to drive equitable development and inclusive economies. Throughout the week, we discussed unique partnerships to serve the most vulnerable with a focus on job creation for migrants and refugees, elevating the work of women religious with survivors of human trafficking, protecting the environment, and ensuring an equitable distribution of the COVID 19 vaccine.

We were particularly honored to join a private audience with Pope Francis where he was presented with a book outlining GSF’s work and mission of solidarity with the world’s most vulnerable and called on us all to work with “closeness, compassion, and tenderness”.

GSF’s latest undertaking is the creation of the Innovation Lab on job creation for migrants, refugees and internally displaced persons in partnership with the Tent Partnership for Refugees and Goal 17 Partners. Immediately following the Papal audience, leaders across sectors, including USAIDUNHCR, the UN Refugee AgencyDHLEATEniCleanChoice EnergyJesuit Refugee Service, and Tent Partnership for Refugees, among other experts and faith leaders, gathered with GSF’s leadership to discuss how to create meaningful, dignified opportunities for migrants entering the workforce.

The Lab, which will officially commence in Davos with deep-dive workshops, will connect the private sector and global development experts with faith-based organizations and Catholic congregations on the ground who are intimately familiar with the challenges and bottlenecks migrants face every day and can implement private sector solutions for immediate impact.

Join us in standing in solidarity with the Global Solidarity Fund.