The Problem

BP wants to demonstrate its commitment to transforming itself into a net zero carbon emissions business by 2050. They are looking for new and innovative ways to engage and educate an audience that has been difficult to reach—younger entrepreneurs and creators.

The Strategy

Handshake recommended challenging the status quo by crafting a call-to-action campaign and activation around the values and goals of building a net zero world together. The campaign was built with partners in mind, moving away from traditional corporate marketing to showcase the purpose and practical meaning of the transition to a net zero carbon world. Handshake created BP's Net Zero startup prize to showcase entrepreneurial solutions, and designed a standalone activation house at the SXSW Festival in Austin to rally support for the mission.

The Outcome

Handshake developed the Net Zero campaign from concept to production, attracting 177 formal entries to the Net Zero startup prize, 1590 new email registrations and a live audience of 291 viewers for the prize final.