The Problem

Guggenheim Partners—a global investment firm—wanted to position itself as a leader for investors committed to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues. It also wanted create an investment vehicle to invest in sustainable infrastructure projects in some of the world’s most challenging regions. Both goals were market differentiators that larger firms have struggled to create for themselves.

The Strategy

Working with investment professionals at Guggenheim Partners, Handshake led the development of a thought leadership platform to position the firm’s top executives as thought leaders on sustainable investing, particularly around the role of finance in supporting sustainable development. As part of our strategy, we developed the “Sustainable Development Quotient” – a framework to assess the level of sustainability of infrastructure projects around the world. We convened a network of high-profile expert partners to provide counsel and lend credibility, including The World Wildlife Fund, Global Infrastructure Basel, UN Foundation, and Stanford University.

The Outcome

Our platform elevated Guggenheim’s influence and reputation, enabling Guggenheim executives to seize a leading position in developing sustainability principles through participating in the Arctic Investment Protocol. Handshake expanded on this by creating key moments for Guggenheim’s executives at global thought leadership venues such as: The World Economic Forum at Davos and Milken Institute’s Global Conference.