The Problem

While significant, BMW North America’s philanthropic contributions and initiatives to drive social change were fragmented, causing audiences to overlook the full impact of the company’s efforts and investment in the U.S.

The Strategy

Utilize a purpose-driven Corporate Social Innovation (CSI) platform to establish the company as a global corporate citizen and significant contributor to the advancement of the communities in which it operates.

The Outcome

Handshake is working with BMW to define CSI for the business, and to develop a distinct CSI brand and platform, separate from but complementary to the company’s products. The MOVEMENT platform integrates all of BMW’s social change and philanthropic efforts under a comprehensive framework and demonstrates the company’s leadership in leveraging business innovation to achieve social impact. The platform will be elevated through strategic partnerships, curated events, and thought-provoking content to drive reputational benefit to the company and increase BMW’s influence over policies that impact the business.